For residents of the Gold Coast, buying into a body corporate Gold Coast provides multiple advantages. Opting to invest in a body corporate Gold Coast is a great idea for people looking for secure and safe environments during the weekends.

While purchasing a property on the Gold Coast is good, buying into a property with a body corporate is even better. Being a member of a body corporate allows access to top living perks and shared facilities that are secure and safe for you and your family.

Financial budgeting becomes also easier when you opt for a body corporate membership. Some of the top perks gained when opting to buy into a body corporate Gold Coast include:

Easier financial budgeting

Annual maintenance costs of a property every year can become a real headache when it cuts a chunk out of your budget. The smartest way to budget for annual maintenance costs is by paying set fees in a body corporate.

The bulk buying provided by the body corporate in insurance, maintenance, and management of property makes them a cheaper option. Standalone and private properties often have to contend with higher insurance premiums in addition to maintenance and management expenses.

All common areas of the property needing regular upkeep are included in the set fees of a body corporate. The yearly fees paid to a body corporate include everything from repairs, shared utilities, insurance, maintenance, and building works.

More time to enjoy the shared amenities of the property

A well-maintained property with little to zero effort on your part allows you to enjoy the amenities. Properties such as apartment developments often feature top-of-the-line and well-maintained common amenities like gyms, parks, and swimming pools.

A body corporate is an entity that allows you to free your time from any maintenance work involved in keeping these places in peak form. Paying an annual set fee to have these amenities in top form all the time is always bang on the buck.

A secure and safe place for you and your loved ones

Peace of mind is gained when you and your loved ones live in a secure and safe property at all times. The security guards or building managers hired by a body corporate ensure the safety of everyone living on the shared property. The added security layer added to the property ensures that homes can be left secure and safe after locking up as you leave.

Enjoy the camaraderie of a community

Buying into a body corporate allows you to enjoy the communal facilities without the effort of maintaining them. The Gold Coast has many common communities offering social benefits.

However, it’s always smart to check out the amenities offered by a common property before investing in a body corporate. The popularity of community living on the Gold Coast has made way for multiple community amenities offers like hang-out hubs, game rooms, common lounges, media rooms, and even drop-in offices. Community agendas often include community social events and barbeques.

What to keep in mind before buying into a Body Corporate

You have seen the multiple benefits of buying into a body corporate. However, like anything else, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to body corporates. Some of the things to keep in mind before buying into a body corporate property include:

  • Whether you need their approval when you want to do some property upgrades
  • Availability of parking space

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